“Butterflies Not Included”

© Copyright 2018 Ken Denton

“Butterflies Not Included”
is a CD-Rom containing a comprehensive color photo study of every California species of butterfly depicting the male and female of each kind, with corresponding field data and amusing collecting anecdotal tales. Incredible aberrations are included in this remarkable butterfly-safari.

You will see the world’s largest private collection of the extinct San Francisco Xerxes Blue, including new forms and aberrations. Included are field notes and photographs recording the last known locales of the holy grail of California butterfly; The Atossa Butterfly, accompanied with a nice series of photos of this extinct beauty.

The CD contains approximately 600 pages of California butterfly photos and data, including photos of early collecting locales in Orange County and Mammoth Lakes region.

This amazing collection was proudly donated by Ken Denton to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

A must for any Lepidopterist or hobbyist!

Only $29.95 plus $6.50 post and packing. PAYPAL only please.

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