A Little History

Ken and John W. Johnson, O.C. Science Fair 1961

As a lad, Ken Denton was an active field lepidopterist and the winner of several county and school science fairs. Under the watchful eye of his field-mentors Erich C. Walter and John W. Johnson, and with technical training from Gordon Marsh at The Museum of Systemic Biology at University of California at Irvine, a butterfly business soon evolved.

A 1978 “butterfly safari” into the Amazon fueled Ken’s exotic wander-lust and created a need to generate income to travel more. He accomplished this by selling butterfly displays in street shows, festivals, fairs, and to hotels, casinos, retail stores, and retail chains.

“Butterfly American Flag” – 18″ x 20″ (Not for Sale)

More than a butterfly artist, Ken is also a field lepidopterist and naturalist. In the tradition of Robert G. Wind, whose business he purchased in 1978, Ken remains both a vendor and adventurer taking butterfly safaris into remote jungles and tropical islands in search of butterfly farms.

Ken at his “shoppe” in 2016